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in Adidas La Trainer Yellow 2005 when I had to cross I always had my kids with me and I had to be strong for them . and that where I got my courage. So in 2009, it was very hard to be strong, Davis said, telling the tribunal her crossing decreased after 2009.

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Davis endured 'ongoing molestation'

the CBSA.

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bridge was closed, Davis responded.

prior to 2005 I had to go in for secondary inspection and they had to check for immigration. But the event of Adidas Pure Boost Zg Prime Shoes

were times I was going through with my son and they would tell me to put my back window down, she said, beginning to cry. felt so threatened I didn want them to look at my children. from Cornwall Island daily until 2007.

2005 was so isolated and awful. Like nothing I had ever experience or would want anyone else to experience for that matter, she continued in response to Malo.

go through in 2005 up until 2007. I had to do it for my children and I knew that at some point if you were detained that you would be able to go here and when the bridges were closed, there was no negotiations or talks with CBSA or Canada to let you know when the bridges would re open. So we didn know how long we were detained in our community, said Davis.

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they closed the bridge it showed it was real . I guess detained . I could be brave enough to Adidas Prophere Footasylum

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was it in 2009 that made it so hard to be strong? asked Sean Gaudet, lawyer for Adidas La Trainer W

you felt you were detained? asked tribunal chairperson Robert Malo.

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just couldn believe the inhumane acts on behalf of CBSA over the past four years. Is there ever going to be peace or respect? Can we ever coincide with one another, side by side? Is something else going to happen after this? There is a terror, a fear and it all from experience. also said the bridge closure was akin to being detained.

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you felt strongly like that word Malo asked.

then to me to go to federal court, federal court of appeal, the tribunal, just to get to the bottom of it. I know you have tricks up your sleeve. I am not a lawyer. This is my life. I have children four children and I just cannot believe how long this is. I still feel tortured. told the tribunal she feared physical assault by the CBSA officers. She also said the 2011 seizure of her car was another example of the The car had been seized for failing to report.

we were stuck . It was another way of CBSA keeping us. I felt detained. I felt like it was an inhumane act and it was just it like an ongoing situation that I have had to face since 2005, said Davis.

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